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    Save the board


We have done enough work to want to save our board. Press Ctl+G or click on the icon on the toolbar. Save the board with the name "My first board."


    Moving and resizing cells


The cells do not have to fill exactly one row and one column. You can stretch them to make them longer or wider. You can also move them from one place to another in the page.


Suppose we decided to leave the whole top row of our page for messages of the Social category, such as "Hello" and "Goodbye". We will then jave to move the I and You cells to the second row. To move a cell, just click on it and drag it to the new position. If another cell in that position, they simply exchange their places. Try moving I just below Hello.


Another way of moving a cell is to cut it and paste it elsewhere. Try cutting You by clicking on it to select it (the selected cell is distinguished by a blue border around it) and pressing Ctl+X or clicking the icon in the toolbar. Then select the cell to the right of Me and paste the cell that you just cut by pressing Ctl+V or by clicking on the icon in the toolbar.

Now suppose we decided that the cell Read is important enough to make it twice as large as the others. First, move Read, Delete and Clear one position to the left. Then put the mouse over the cell Read and observe the two circles that appear on it. These circles allow you to stretch the cell height and width. Stretch it to the right to occupy two columns.

See you can do cells any size you want. When later on we see how to change the shape of the cells or the space between them, you will find that you can create boards with literally any aspect.

    Undo and redo


Nobody is perfect! When you are editing your board you will probably make mistakes. You may even have made some before while following the previous steps.


In DomoPad'com, nothing happens if you make a mistake. You can undo and redo the last actions to return to a previous point. Try to undo several times (by pressing Ctl+Z or clicking the icon in the toolbar) to see the latest changes you have made on the board, and then redo (Ctl+Y) to return to the point where we were.


    More cells


Let's complete our page with some more cells. Insert cells with the messages you want in the gaps available, but be sure to leave the bottom left cell free (we will use it later). To build interesting phrases, be sure to include a few verbs.

Play your board (F5) and try to construct complete sentences (e.g. "I want to drink"), read and delete them.


    More pages


You see, pages are filled quickly. We will include another page in our board to keep adding messages. Click the "+" icon to the right of the list of pages.

In this page we will group messages of a given category. For example, types of food. Write "Food" in the window that appears.

Our board already has two pages. Note that the page that has been created is not empty : DomoPad'com Verbo has automatically inserted the cell Back. This cell jumps to the previous page. If it were not there, we would have way back to page Home.


Once added, the pages can be rearranged. To do this, just drag the corresponding tab to the desired position. Note that if you move a page to the first position it will become the home page, and commands "Jump to Home" will jump to it. In this example we will leave the pages in the order they are.


Let's move the cell Back to another position, e.g. to the lower right corner, and add more cells with types of food. Following the standard, they must be of type Names.

Let's move the cell Back to another position, e.g. to the lower right corner, and add more cells with types of food. Following the standard, they must be of type Names.

We now have a board with two pages, and we can move from one to the other. Play your board and try to say the message "I want to eat salad." Note that, by adding a page, you have significantly expanded the vocabulary to which you can access from your board.

If you want to delete a page, first click the icon of the three dots at the right of the page list. In the dialog that appears, click the trash icon on the relevant page. In this case we will not do it, levae the page Food that you just created.

    Edit cells

Once a cell has been added, can it be modified ? Of course! Double-click the first cell we added to our board, Hello.

In the dialog shown we have access to everything that affects a cell: content (text and image) style (the appearance it show) and its commands (what it does).

Notes that in most cases you will never have to edit a cell after it has been added to the board. When you insert a cell that says message, jumps to another page, clears the message bar, or any other, DomoPad'com Verbo takes care of adjusting all its parameters so it performs and looks as expected. You only need to edit it when you want to do something special (such as a cell that does more than one action) or fine tune the cell style.


As an example, let's just change the image of our cell. Select the fourth symbol shown and press Enter (or double-click on the pictogram).

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