8. Settings


The window Settings, in the drop down menu, gives access to other program parameters.



Besides choosing the program language, this section allows you to configure whether the program should automatically start when the operating system boots, and if when it does it should load a particular board directly. These two options together allow a person to use DomoPad'com Verbo independently, without needing someone to start the program and load the board for him.



Here all the board styles available, both predefined by the program and created by the users, are displayed. You can delete those that are no longer used.



If the option to check for updates automatically is enabled, DomoPad'com Verbo will periodically check if an update is available for the program and will offer to download and install it. You can also check manually, if you want to.




A licence of DomoPad'com Verbo is linked to a particular computer. When you started DomoPad'com Verbo for the first time and entered your email address and password, your licence was tied to that machine. But if you want to start using the program on another computer, you can do so. You can revoke the licence and take it somewhere else. The only limitation is that the licence can not be active on two computers at once.

9. More help


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